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Statement from Rep. Barca on Rep. Vos’ recall bill
“This bill is not the bipartisanship the people of Wisconsin are seeking”
MADISON – The day after two Republican candidates were successfully recalled from office, Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) introduced a bill to limit recall elections. He claimed it should be the first legislative act of bipartisanship, knowing full well that limiting democracy and the voice of the people, and diminishing political accountability, would be fought strenuously by Democrats, as they have done all session.
Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca, who strongly opposes Vos’ proposal, issued the following statement:
“On Tuesday we saw two Republicans who ran on a message of creating jobs, yet spent a session pursuing an anti-middle class agenda, being removed from office by the voters who felt betrayed by their actions. The results of the election should serve notice to all politicians that they cannot ignore the will of the people.
“Floating this constitutional amendment the day after successful recall elections that held legislators accountable appears to indicate that Republicans are frightened that future actions to hold them accountable will also be successful.
“We must encourage and build on the amazing outpouring of public involvement in democracy that we have seen this year. The people of Wisconsin deserve to know that we are listening to them and responding to their concerns.
“The first bipartisan bill should address the vital issues of job creation, job training and improving public education in Wisconsin.
“If it is truly the nasty ads and cost of these elections that concern Rep. Vos, instead of raising the cost of elections with fake candidates and voter prevention measures, Republicans should join Democrats in pursuing bipartisan election reform rather than undermining it as they did this session.
“Bob La Follette said, ‘The will of the people shall be the law of the land,’ and his words are painted on the ceiling in the governor’s conference room. These are words all public servants should live by.”