January 13, 2017



Wisconsin workers are known across the nation as being highly skilled and a having an exceptional work ethic. We also know that demographics are shifting, and that growing a skilled workforce is becoming a greater challenge. The state of our state is strong, our future is bright, and the Packers are winning! Some of the main goals this session will be to find sustainable solutions in the transportation fund and discover ways to improve education for every child in our state.


On Wednesday, January 11th we held the first in-district listening session of the year at the Town of Waukesha Town Hall. Many residents battled the ice to participate in a thoughtful and meaningful discussion. Special thanks to those who came!

               Representative Allen listens to constituent questions at the Town of Waukesha Town Hall

Several inspiring students from Waukesha West High School visited the Capitol office on Thursday the 12th. These students came to the Capitol to do further research for class projects. Thank you to Mr. Egnarski and his class for stopping by! Keep up the good work!

                 Representative Allen with four Waukesha West High School Students and their teacher.


To begin this legislative session, Representative Allen introduced two important, “good government” measures: the Trustworthy Credentials Bill and the Mobile Cell Tower Siting bill.

In 2015, an investigation revealed that a convicted rapist and bank robber had received a Wisconsin license to be a social worker. Under current law, the only recourse the state has is to rescind the license. The system had a shortcoming by failing to provide real penalties for individuals violating the trust we should be able to have in licensed professionals. We need to better protect taxpayers who encounter individuals licensed by the state.

The Trustworthy Credentials Bill holds that any person who intentionally makes a misstatement or omission or who submits falsified documentation in an application for a state license is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. The penalty is a fine not to exceed $10,000, or imprisonment not to exceed nine months, or both.

Also introduced is the Mobile Cell Tower Siting bill which enables local units of government the ability to regulate placement of some telecommunications towers. Currently, cities, towns, and villages have no authority to restrict cell tower placement within their jurisdiction. The bill allows political subdivisions the ability to restrict the placement of new cell towers within 750 feet of residential zoning at the lowest density in a community. In other words, the local community can decide whether to allow a cell tower in less densely-populated part of town.

This legislation restores a balance between local interests in preserving property values and the needs of the growing telecommunications industry.

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