Press Releases

The latest news from the desk of Rep. Steve Doyle

2011 In Review We end the year of 2011 as a deeply divided state. Our current political environment has turned neighbor against neighbor and family member against family member.
Health Care Data Available to Consumers You should know about health care data that is available to consumers in this state concerning prices for procedures and quality of hospital services.
Rep. Doyle introduces bill to provide Health Insurance to Adult Children This legislation will clean up the confusion and make this part of the Wisconsin tax code easier to understand for employers and their employees.
Doyle Appointed to UW Task Force “I am very pleased to be named to this important committee, and to become a voice for Western Wisconsin in this debate,” said Doyle.
Rep. Doyle Makes Early Mark in State Assembly Rep. Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) has submitted the first two Democratic amendments to the State Budget.
Rep. Doyle on Joint Finance Action on Roadwork The provision would require counties to hire outside private contractors to do roadwork instead of the county workers. “This is going to cost taxpayers more money, and potentially cost local workers their jobs,” said Doyle.
Rep. Doyle Appointed to Four Committees for 2011-2012 Session He has been named to the Committees on Transportation; Insurance; Tourism, Recreation and State Property; and Rural Economic Development and Rural Affairs.
Statement in Support of the Wisconsin Idea Partnership State Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) and UW system Board of Regents Member Brent Smith released the following statement in support of the Wisconsin Idea Partnership.