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The latest news from the desk of Rep. Steve Doyle

Wisconsin to Bring Back Bounty Hunters A proposal in the recently passed State Budget brings back the practice of commercial bail bondsman in Wisconsin.
Rep. Doyle on the 2013-15 Budget Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) said that he could not support the current 2013-2014 biennial budget because of the damage it will do to working-class families, public schools and the environment.
Doyle Jobs Bill Passes Assembly “I am proud to have worked together with Democrats and Republicans to get this important piece of legislation through the Assembly,” said Doyle.
Rep. Doyle votes for bi-partisan jobs bill A legislative jobs bill cosponsored by Rep. Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) cleared the State Assembly today. This is the second jobs bill to pass the Assembly and both had strong bipartisan support.
Rep. Doyle: Change would reduce hiring options We are talking about a different kind of issue: retired public employees like teachers who return to the classroom and help save school districts money.
Vouchers in Budget Will Hurt Public Education The Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) came to the La Crosse area to help lead the opposition to this increased funding of voucher schools along with Rep. Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) and Jill Billings (D-La Crosse).
Rep. Doyle cosponsors student loan relief legislation Representative Steve Doyle (D – Onalaska) announced today that he is cosponsoring new legislation that would provide real relief for the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents who are struggling with student loan debt.
Rep. Doyle: Death Tax Will Hurt Family Farms But with the recent passage of the state budget and the expansion of a current program, this tradition of family farms and businesses may become a thing of the past.
Doyle Column on the Budget While a lot of politicians only focus on the partisan aspects of the budget, I’d like to focus on the facts of what this budget proposal really means for the people of western Wisconsin.
Rep. Doyle: Bi-Partisan Jobs Creation Bill a Step in the Right Direction These economic development bills are aimed at boosting Wisconsin businesses and creating more family-supporting jobs.