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The latest news from the desk of Rep. Steve Doyle

Dairy Month in Wisconsin Did you know that the average dairy cow generates $3242 per year in direct milk sales and $20,000 a year in economic activity?
Doyle/Shilling Jobs Bill to be Signed by Governor Walker “I am pleased the Governor is able to take the time for a visit to Onalaska on behalf of this important jobs legislation,” added Doyle.
End of Session Column 2014 Well it seems the Wisconsin Legislature has a bad case of senioritis. Our leaders cut short our remaining days of session and crammed countless pieces of legislation into what few days we had left.
Doyle Jobs Bill Passes the Legislature “This bill will help businesses in our community and across the state to compete in a global economy,” said Doyle.
A Day in the Life of a State Representative So if you heard a loud boom Friday, don’t worry. It’s just your friendly neighborhood state representative blowing up a creek to help out his constituents. And that has got to be the most unusual thing I have done in a long time.
Rep. Doyle Cosponsors Bill to Ban Robo-Calls If this bill passes, every call you receive from a campaign will have a real-live person on the other end, not just a recording.
Are Tax Cuts the Answer? We need to quit talking about Republican or Democratic jobs plans and start executing a Wisconsin jobs plan. And that needs to start with a serious bipartisan discussion of how we tax and spend.
Rep. Doyle calls on Gov. Walker to Convene a Special Legislative Session Focused on Jobs Rep. Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) and 37 of his colleagues today sent a letter to the Governor asking him to immediately call a Special Session of the Legislature which would concentrate on bills creating jobs in Wisconsin.
Rep Doyle: Legislators Shouldn't Get Special Immunity Elected officials should follow the law, just like everyone else.
"Skills Gap" Bill Gets Senate Hearing Senate Bill 44, the Workforce Growth Program would provide rapid response grants to technical colleges to expand their capacity to train workers in high demand skills.