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April 13, 2016

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The Rule of 49

Here in the legislature we use a lot of uncommon terms to describe our work. Phrases like “pulling motion,” “quorum,” “first reading,” “second reading,” and “third reading” are often heard both on the Assembly floor and off the Assembly floor. New legislators get a glossary with their orientation packet while veteran legislators will spout sentences so full of jargon hardly anyone can understand them. All these phrases have their purpose but no one outside of the Capitol usually pays much attention to them.

Except the Rule of 49.

The Rule of 49 is an important part of Wisconsin’s ethics laws and was designed to ensure that no state resources are used for campaign purposes. From the time a representative or senator can start circulating nomination papers until the day after the election, they are not allowed to send out more than 49 pieces of identical mail from their office. That means no mass mailings, no newsletters, and no email blasts. Well, only 49 of them.



From a political point of view, the beginning of the Rule of 49 symbolizes the end of the Legislative session and the beginning of the campaign season. From a practical standpoint, it also takes into account the fact that over the summer and fall, we don’t exactly have a whole lot to blast out to our constituents.

The number 49 may seem like something chosen at random, but it is a rule that everyone takes very seriously.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, the Rule of 49 starts this Friday so this will be the last e-Newsletter you receive from me until after the election. I have really enjoyed getting to share with you a small window into my work down in Madison. From the budget updates to the monthly columns, I always appreciate receiving feedback from my constituents. Even though I won’t be sending our e-Newsletters for quite some time, I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with me.




40,000 Light bulbs and Counting

My favorite days in Madison are days when school groups come to visit. I love getting a chance to talk with the kids about what they have learned in their classroom and what they learned at the Capitol. We talk about the legislative process and how a bill becomes a law and let me tell you these kids are smart. They ask me very informed questions and are always so curious about what we do in the Legislature. It always brings a smile to my face whenever I get the chance to talk to them.

And, of course, ask them how many light bulbs are in the Capitol. This is my number 1 piece of trivia about this building. And the answer is 40,000 light bulbs.

After they come visit me, I go visit them to deliver the photos we took and to give them a pop quiz on everything we talked about when I saw them last. They always remember everything. Everything.

Especially the 40,000 light bulbs.


Most of the time, I get to visit with 4th graders who are learning about Wisconsin state government in school right now. But sometimes, like earlier this week, I got to visit with 5th graders who had come down to Madison last year and gone through the whole light bulb thing with me. Before meeting with them, I wondered if any of them would remember my special question. Guess what, they all did!

It is tour season at the Capitol right now and I am very excited to see so many of our elementary schools coming to visit. I’ll be meeting with as many of them as I can and asking them all my very favorite trivia question. I will also be studying up to make sure I can keep up with these bright young minds. Who knows, they might ask me how many steps are in the Capitol!



With summer right around the corner (or so I’ve been told… there was snow on my grass this weekend), I’ll be out knocking on doors and visiting with constituents. I hope to see you out there and to get a chance to talk to you about the legislative issues that matter most to you. My door is always open, whether it is my office in La Crosse or my office in Madison.

I always smile when people call me and say something like, “I’ve never had a reason to call my state legislator before but this time…” You never need a reason to reach out to me. Whether you are having a problem with a state agency, concerned about a piece of legislation, or just have questions about what the heck is going on in Madison, I am always happy to help.

So if you have any question or concern, please feel free to reach out to me, via phone, email or letter.

La Crosse Office
1230 Ferry Street
La Crosse, WI
(608) 785-1886

Capitol Office
PO Box 8952
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Madison, WI 53708
(608) 266-0631
Toll-Free: (888) 534-0094
Fax: (608) 282-3694





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