Madison - State Representative Warren Petryk (R-Town of Washington) was disappointed that Assembly Bill 76, authored by Rep. Petryk and a bipartisan group of Representatives and Senators, did not receive sufficient support to overcome Governor Evers’ veto today.

“Today Assembly Democrats turned their back on Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents in a time of crisis and voted to do nothing to move the needle forward to address this healthcare and workforce crisis,” said Petryk. “Only a few months ago, Assembly Democrats joined us in passing AB 76, yet today they unfortunately put their party loyalty ahead of doing the right thing for Wisconsin.”

AB 76 would have mirrored Wisconsin’s Certified Nursing Assistants training hours requirements to federal requirements, the same standard set in our neighboring states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan while not changing the current testing or competency and knowledge required for certification. Despite broad support from both parties, long-term caregivers, and healthcare providers, all three Assembly Democrats changed their vote so the bill did not receive the 66 votes needed to override the governor’s veto.

“This bill would have removed an artificial obstacle holding back our state from maximizing the number of Certified Nursing Assistants during a time when we are dealing with a profound workforce crisis in this area,” said Petryk. “Despite the results of today’s vote, I will always continue advocating for our most vulnerable citizens to ensure they get the care they deserve. I also want to thank the long-term care community and healthcare providers for the work they do to keep our residents safe,” said Petryk.