Pronschinske Introduces Legislation to Increase Nonresident Hunting and Fishing License Surcharges

MADISON – State Representative Treig Pronschinske (Mondovi) has introduced legislation that will increase nonresident hunting or fishing licenses by 15% for those over 16 years of age.  

The funds collected will be split equally three ways to fund two new grant programs within the DNR; one for schools and one for emergency services.  Collected funds will also provide funding to the DNR for habitat restoration and stocking. 

“This is a great way to help the next generation of hunters and fishers not only become licensed to harvest wildlife, but to teach them about what they are harvesting and why,” said Rep. Pronschinske.  “Emergency responders are in need of specialty equipment to provide more efficient rescue for hunting and vehicle accidents in the woods or on the water.  While we work to teach new hunters and to enhance rescue, we should also work towards increasing resources for habitat preservation and stocking so that Wisconsin’s wildlife can thrive for generations to come.”

The grant program for schools would cover the costs of offering hunter safety, snowmobile safety, ATV/UTV safety, boater safety, and education for students regarding Wisconsin’s natural resources and species to aid in identification.  It will also cover costs for field trips or other education regarding Wisconsin state parks. 

The emergency services grant would provide funds to local governments to apply for matching grants for the purchase of rescue vehicles, specifically those used for rescue in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation vehicle accidents.