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  • Peshtigo Shooting Range Closes
  • Suicide Prevention Task Force
  • Pulaski Polka Days
  • Heat Safety


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Peshtigo Shooting Range Closes

You may have seen the numerous stories regarding the Hipke Road shooting range in Peshtigo. My office and other government offices have received several complaints surrounding this shooting range.

I would like to thank the constituents in the area who contacted my office to report potential dangers around this range. I passed their concerns along to staff at the DNR who promptly took this step to address safety concerns.

Additionally, I would like to thank Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve for his swift action in order to keep residents of Marinette County safe. In any type of recreation, safety is always the priority.

I am optimistic that the DNR and local law enforcement can come up with a solution to reopen this range in a way that eliminates any potential harm.

If you have any questions, please contact my office.

Here is a news story pertaining to this situation.

Speakers Task Force on Suicide Prevention

Earlier this year, Speaker Robin Vos created the bipartisan Task Force on Suicide Prevention. 

The Speaker’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention will study and create policy initiatives to reduce and reverse the trend of increasing deaths from suicide. Members of the task force have been traveling the state, holding public hearings to gather feedback from survivors, advocates, experts, families, and communities who have been impacted. 

After this, the Speaker’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention will evaluate our state’s current suicide prevention efforts, identify new opportunities to target at-risk communities, increase awareness for evidence-based programs and protocols and investigate new treatment and prevention options. 

As suicide rates continue to increase nationwide, we must make this a priority. In the state budget, Republicans in the Legislature voted to set aside significant resources to help support the policy goals that come from this Task Force.

For more information please click here.

As the Task Force completes its work, I will be sure to keep you updated on developments. If you have any questions or comments, please contact my office!

Pulaski Polka Days

This weekend, the 41st annual Pulaski Polka Days will be occurring! Pulaski Polka Days is an annual polka festival that lasts four days in Pulaski, Wisconsin. Pulaski Polka Days brings thousands of visitors each year from all over the world to hear some of the best polka music in the world.

Beginning Thursday and running through Sunday there is a wide range of events for every age! Click here to see all that is happening.

Heat Safety


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