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Budget Update

This week the Joint Committee on Finance was able to continue its work on the state budget. We took up several important issue areas, the UW System, the Department of Natural Resources, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and Circuit Courts.

Natural Resources

In continuing with my efforts to address the PFAS groundwater contamination issue facing Northeastern Wisconsin and other parts of the state, I voted to provide the DNR with two new scientists and additional resources to study and address PFAS contamination. It is important we reduce possible contamination sources and their negative effects, and this week’s action continues us on that path.

District Attorneys and Public Defenders

Additionally, I voted to approve 26.5 new prosecutor positions in District Attorney's offices spread across three dozen counties. I am happy to report that part of this allocation will result in additional resources for both Marinette and Brown Counties.

This is the largest staffing increase since DA’s became state employees in 1989, and three times the total number of GPR-funded positions we have added over the last 14 years.

Prosecutors are a key cog in our criminal justice system. The investments we made this week will help address needs across the state and reverberate throughout the system. Additional staff will result in swifter justice for victims of crime, while also expanding a DA’s ability to offer alternatives to incarceration for certain offenders willing to make changes in their lives.

UW System

I voted to extend the tuition freeze for two more years.  This freezes resident undergraduate tuition for a record eight straight years.  The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated that in the first four years after the freeze an average student would have saved a cumulative $6,311 on tuition costs vs the prior trend.

I not only voted to extend the freeze, but I also voted to increase funding for the UW System.  I voted to increase state funding by $58 million. This is in addition to $36 million already budgeted to fund a 2% per year, over the next two years wage increase for university employees.

This additional funding builds upon the $100 million in state funding increased for UW System in the last biennial budget.  With a growing economy and additional state revenues, we are reinvesting that into our shared priorities such as into the UW System.



Looking Ahead

Next week, we will be taking up the important issue areas of the Department of Health Services, Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Transportation.

I look forward to investing in expanding access to high-quality health care, and increasing affordability without expanding welfare. I also believe that we will responsibly invest in our transportation system without increasing the tax burden on the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Robotics League Grants

Last week, Republicans in the Legislature passed a pro-kid budget that invests $500 million into Wisconsin’s public schools. One of these crucial investments is in robotics league participation grants. These programs help students prepare for in-demand technical careers.

Watch this informative video from my colleague Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) who has led our efforts on this issue.

Free Fun Weekend!

On the first full weekend in June, the following outdoor activities are free for Wisconsin residents and visitors alike!

  • Free entry to state parks and forests
  • Free fishing
  • Free DNR trails
  • Free ATV/UTV riding on public trails open to such uses.

For more information please visit: https://dnr.wi.gov/news/features/article/?id=101

Have a safe and fun weekend enjoying all Wisconsin has to offer!


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