Madison…Governor Scott Walker gave his State of the State Address earlier today. Representative John Macco (R – Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“As Governor Walker said, ‘the state of our state is strong’,” said Rep. Macco. “Since Governor Walker was elected our unemployment is down, we’re paying our bills on time, our budget is balanced and businesses are once again expanding in Wisconsin.”

“This session we will continue to work with the Governor so that when people think of where to move a business they will think Wisconsin first, when people think of a place to begin their careers they think Wisconsin first, and when people think of a place to retire they think Wisconsin first.”

This is the second State of the State address Rep. Macco has attended as a sitting legislator. He was recently appointed as the chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee which will deal with reforming the tax code this session.

“Governor Walker’s comments on reforming our onerous tax code are especially encouraging,” continued Rep. Macco. “I believe by working together with the Assembly Ways and Means Committee we can create a new tax code that looks like we designed it on purpose.”

Click on the following link for a video clip from Rep. Macco on his reaction to the address: