Green Bay…An erroneous radio advertisement was ran against Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) pertaining to his support to Assembly Bill 386 and Assembly Bill 387. He released the following statement:

“Let me get this straight, I am standing with the home-owning property taxpayers of the 88th Assembly District,” said Rep. Macco. “We’ve gotten a lot of calls from constituents, and we have spent hours discussing with them that these bills were written so the property tax burden would not shift from large companies to homeowners.”

AB 386 and AB 387 are collectively known as the “Dark Store” bills. They were written in response to a judicial activity that would have assessors value property of running stores the same as stores that are empty. Through legal maneuvering large retailers are able to transfer a portion of property taxes on to homeowners. The two bills would reverse this tactic.

“This argument is a perfect example of why we need a comprehensive conversation on our tax code,” continued Rep. Macco. “These bitter conversations we are having on property taxes are because the funding of local governments is inefficient. I call on the third party group spending money and spreading a false message to my constituents to instead use their energy to call for full rewrite of Wisconsin’s tax broken code.”