Madison…Governor Walker addressed the Wisconsin Legislature in his State of the State address this evening. Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“Tonight, the Governor said what we all know to be true: the state of Wisconsin is strong,” said Rep. Macco. “Over the last five years, we took a state that had double digit unemployment, crushing debt and reckless spending and instituted sound leadership to bring efficient, effective and responsive government back to Wisconsin.”

Part of Governor Walker’s address outlined a bill package to bring affordable higher education to Wisconsin. Rep. Macco is the author of a bill included in that proposal.

“Our future leaders are beginning careers, literally, trillions in debt,” continued Rep. Macco. “This bill package will create an education system which will help alleviate debt, give debt updates to current students and suggest career options in high-demand fields. I believe we will be able to decrease college costs to make our future leaders career and community ready.

“I am proud to be the Assembly author of a bill that will eliminate the cap on loan payment deductions in Wisconsin. This bill includes phase outs for high-wage earners, meaning middle income families will be the primary beneficiaries. We will be the only state in the Midwest to offer such a deduction.”