Madison…Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview), chairman of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means, will be holding informational hearings in January and February to discuss Wisconsin’s tax code.

“I believe we need to have a two year conversation on our tax code,” said Rep. Macco. “Having these hearings is a way for all committee members to learn more about our tax code, and to begin the conversation on what sound tax policy ought to look like.”

The first hearing will be held on January 26, 2017 and will cover property tax and associated issues. The hearings will include testimony from officials in the Wisconsin Legislature, Administration officials, economists, Wisconsin citizens, and representatives of interested groups.

“I believe the first step in solving a problem is agreeing on what the problem is,” continued Rep. Macco. “It is my hope these hearings will lay the groundwork on what the Committee on Ways and Means will accomplish these next two years.”

Following the committee hearing on the 26th, The Assembly Committee on Ways and Means will hold future hearings on issues related to sales tax, excise tax and fees, income and corporate taxes, and issues to consider for local taxation.