Madison…Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview), released the following statement in support of Representative John Nygren’s (R-Marinette) new K-12 education plan:

“This is a profound step in the right direction,” said Rep. Macco. “In this plan there are ‘no winners and losers;’ there are only winners. The school districts in the 88th Assembly District, which are among the most frugal in the state, are finally awarded for the financial leadership of their districts.”

Under the plan submitted by the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee Co-Chairman Rep. Nygren, Green Bay Public Schools would see an increase to the Governor’s education proposal of $1,730,451 MORE over the biennium, and De Pere would see an increase of $939,512 MORE in the biennium.

“This is real money we’re talking about,” continued Rep. Macco. “This money will be put directly in the classroom to hire more teachers and better prepare our future generations. I call on the entire Joint Finance Committee to immediately adopt this plan, and ask all my colleagues to not let good be the enemy of great when dealing with public education.”