Madison…Representative John Macco (R-Legeview) added his name as a co-sponsor of LRB 30529/1 which will authorize local governments to prohibit the placing of new mobile cell service support structure within 750 feet of a boundary of the lowest density residential zoning district.

“I am sick and tired of hearing about new cases of community members being negatively affected by a construction of a tower they don’t want in their backyard,” said Rep. Macco. “I believe that a government closest to the people governs best, and this bill will allow communities to make their own decisions.”

Rep. Macco has also been vocal in his opposition to citing rules regarding wind turbines. He will continue for land rights issues this next session.

“This is first and foremost a property rights issue,” continued Rep. Macco. “I believe this bill will allow all sides to come to the table and create a new standard which allows for cell coverage and community-centered placement decisions.”