Last week was Ronald Reagan Day in Wisconsin. The celebration of one of history's greatest American Presidents had me thinking about why I decided to run for public office: leadership.

Ronald Reagan was a great leader. I've always said: if management is doing things well then  leadership is doing the right things. President Reagan understood that lesson in his battles to reign in government regulation, protect the United States and defend American democracy and liberty worldwide.

As Reagan said, "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." (Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey, September 1, 1980)   

During my time in office, I've looked to President Reagan as a good example of how a dynamic leader should lead. I've done so by passing childhood safety legislation as part of the Justice for Children bill package, writing a bill that reins in the Department of Revenue and lets small businesses grow, writing a resolution to make the state of Wisconsin budget in the same fair way businesses do, writing bills to allow individuals with disabilities to plan for their financial future and many more areas. 

While we are coming up on the end of session, I promise to continue to promote leadership bills to help the 88th. As Governor Walker said, "The state of our state is strong, but it is not mission accomplished." I believe by continuing good leadership, we will get to mission accomplished.




John J. Macco
88th Assembly District
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