Fair, Low, and Simple
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Did you know that there are four income tax brackets? It seems simple at first, but it's anything but simple. And your income doesn't necessarily apply to just one bracket. For many Wisconsinites, their income is taxed across multiple brackets.

And did you know that Wisconsin's standard deduction, isn't standard at all? Our sliding scale standard deduction allows government to keep more of your hard-earned dollars and keep you guessing during tax season.

This year, the average Wisconsinite will spend 17 hours filing their taxes and local business owners, on average, will spend nearly 275 hours filing their taxes.

The number of administrative hoops that you have to jump through, just to file your taxes, is costing you time and money.

But it doesn't need to be this complicated.

States like South Carolina and Utah have taken the time to revise their tax policies and are seeing historic levels of growth. Wisconsin hasn't seen a tax overhaul since the 1980's and as a result, we are struggling to compete with those states. Due in large part to our antiquated tax laws.

It's time to take a serious look at our tax code and make some common-sense reforms. Our income tax needs to be fair, low, and simple. Giving us more time with our loved ones and more money in our pockets.

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John J. Macco