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Friday, May 24, 2019

K-12 Education Funding 

The Joint Finance Committee addressed K-12 education funding this week. The Committee approved a nearly $500 million increase in funding over the biennium. The package includes nearly a $100 million increase in special education funding. The overall K-12 education funding package would be a net increase over the last biennium budget. I believe it is a substantial investment in our students.




While the package is larger than previous K-12 education funding levels it is a smaller increase than the Governor has requested. The Governor has had a measured response, stating the budget would need to be considered in its totality. I believe this is correct. There are various priorities that need to be addressed in the budget. Transportation funding, corrections, health, and the UW system all compete for available resources. The Joint Finance Committee advanced a realistic investment in K-12 education funding. I hope we can continue to draft a budget that addresses needs across the entire state. 

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Business 51 Update


Business 51 between Schofield and Rothschild has been an issue in the district for some time. I’ve listened to the calls from constituents, sympathized with the resolutions passed by our local units of government, and have voiced concern over the condition of Business 51. The Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation personally visited the district to take a ride on Business 51. Here is an article describing his visit. It’s now clear that the Department of Transportation is aware of the condition of that stretch of highway. I remain optimistic that positive change will come relative to the status of Business 51.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Everyone should take an opportunity to pause and recognize the sacrifices that have been made throughout the years by our veterans. As a result of their sacrifices our very way of life is maintained. The preservation of life, liberty, and the freedom to continue pursuing happiness would not otherwise be possible. While we should be cognizant and thankful of their sacrifices every single day this long weekend is a time to break from our regular routines in order to honor those responsible for the freedoms we enjoy.  




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