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Friday, May 10, 2019

Budget Update 

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held its first executive session this past week. At the meeting important actions were taken which includes removing 71 non-fiscal policy items and removing over $1 billion worth of tax increases. Additionally, capping the school choice program, providing drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, providing tuition breaks for undocumented immigrants, expanding welfare programs, changes impacting unemployment insurance, and language related to prevailing wage laws were all removed from the budget.


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I’d like to emphasize it is the standard process to remove all the policy items from the budget. Policy items were identified by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau and removed from the state budget following a JFC vote.


The budget process has only begun and many changes are likely to occur over the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing the relevant updates with you via my E-Update as I know the budget is an area of intense public interest. The JFC will continue to meet in executive session as they work through the budget systematically. Here is the link to their website. Contained on this website is the JFC schedule and meeting notices. I’d encourage anyone interested in following the Committee's work to stay updated as to when executive sessions are occurring. Here is a link to the next meeting notice. JFC will meet again on May 14, 2019. You also have the option to watch the executive sessions on WisconsinEye.


If you ever have questions regarding specific areas in the budget feel free to contact me and I can provide an update on the specific area.


Spring Survey


My 2019 Spring Survey is now available to be filled out and submitted online! I’d encourage everyone to fill out the survey at and share with me your thoughts regarding the state’s budget. It’s important for me to hear from you how taxpayer funds should be expended. Please click here to fill out the survey!

Happy Mother's Day!


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating. The daily sacrifices mothers make cannot be measured but hopefully this Sunday lets all the mothers know how impactful they truly are!  




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