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                                     Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission

Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission
The Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission(SEWFRC) was established in 1997 under Wisconsin ACT 27. SEWFRC was created in response to concerns of water resource problems in the Fox River system. Some of the projects that SEWFRC under takes are as followed: Erosion Control, Storm water Abatement, Public Access,
educational efforts, and Feasibility Studies.

Economically, the Fox River and SEWFRC impact is immeasurable.

My legislation Assembly Bill 911 will allocate funds in order to help with making those projects happen and to help protect our Fox River ecosystem.

020618 Environ and Forestry #6.jpg
 Fox River Commissioners testifying on Assembly Bill 911 at the Capitol to the Committee on Environment and Forestry
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Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission