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September 26, 2019                                                                                                 Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

U.S. Air Force Extends Public Comment Period on F-35 Proposal Until Nov. 1st  

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, the U.S. Air Force announced they would extend the public comment period from Friday, September 27 to Friday, November 1.  On Monday, Rep. Taylor called for a 60-day extension, citing the Air Force’s failure to conduct adequate outreach to impacted communities, the absence of certain data in the Environmental Impact Statement, and conflicting statements between the Air Force and groups supporting the proposal.
Rep. Taylor issued the following statement:
“Some have said that people’s voices do not matter in the Air Force site selection process for the F-35 military jets, but today, the people have proven these naysayers wrong. This extension of the public comment period until November 1st is because of the substantial public concern, questions and opposition that has been raised by the people of our community.  This extension gives us additional opportunities to get our questions answered, to ask for additional data that is missing, to conduct community outreach and to expand our grassroots coalition against this proposal, which is growing every single day.
“During this extension, I am once again calling on the U.S. Air Force to conduct outreach efforts in the communities most impacted, including holding additional public hearings in these communities and not 9 miles away at a location hard to access on public transit.  I am calling for the Air Force materials to be translated into Spanish and Hmong.  And I am calling for swift responses to our questions and additional noise analysis and modeling to more accurately predict what people will hear if these substantially noiser jets ever fly above our homes and schools and the increased rate predicted. Our children and our families on the north and east sides deserve nothing less.”