Un-Elected Group Insurance Board Votes to Overhaul

State Employee Health Care Program

MADISON – Today, hours before Governor Walker’s Budget Address, the Group Insurance Board (GIB) carried out their marching orders and voted to radically overhaul the state’s Group Health Insurance Program (GHIP), which serves over 250,000 state and local government employees, retirees, UW employees and their dependents. There are over 100,000 GHIP participants in Dane County alone. 

Despite significant uncertainty in the health insurance industry due to the GOP’s pending changes to the Affordable Care Act and overwhelming opposition from both consumers and the health care industry – the GIB voted 10-1 a much more sweeping overhaul of GHIP.

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“For years, Scott Walker tried to force a square self-insurance peg into a round state health plan hole, even switching consultant firms after the first report did not say what he wanted it to.  Despite these efforts, nearly everyone – health care professionals, economists, program members and even the health insurance companies – collectively agreed that self-insurance is a risky scheme for Wisconsin.  Whether you’re enrolled in the state health plan or not, the impacts of today’s decision will be far-reaching: job losses, fewer health care plans, fewer health care providers and most likely more money out of your pocket.  A lose-lose-lose-lose deal for the people of Wisconsin.