Rep. Taylor Unveils an Economic Bill of Rights for WI Workers

Creating a robust economy depends on investing in workers

MADISON – Today, as Assembly and Senate Republicans fast pace legislation to outsource Wisconsin jobs and depress middle-income wages, Rep. Chris Taylor announced her vision for a robust Wisconsin economy entails embracing an Economic Bill of Rights for Wisconsin Workers.  The package of principles includes six fair and basic rights all Wisconsinites should have to secure their economic future. 

“Let’s face it, the GOP economic agenda of tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations hasn’t helped low and middle income workers, who have to work harder and longer just to get by,” stated Taylor.  “Instead of outsourcing jobs and driving down wages, this legislature should invest in working people and families first.  We need to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.” 

Taylor’s Economic Bill of Rights states that in order to economically succeed, each individual, willing to work hard, shall have the right to: 

  1. Obtain stable, sustainable employment. The ability to obtain consistent employment that pays a family supporting wage is key to individual economic success and a robust economy.


  1. Earn a family supporting wage. Our state and nation are stronger when workers are paid a family supporting wage.  No working person should be forced to live in poverty because of substandard wages. Healthy wages should not just be for those at the top, but for low and middle income workers who make our economy run.


  1. Be subject to a fair taxation system. Tax breaks for wealthy individuals and profitable corporations don’t improve our economy or working people’s lives. Tax cuts should be focused on putting more money into the pockets of low- and middle-income workers.


  1. Maintain Individual and family health. A strong economy depends on a healthy, thriving workforce and individuals having access to quality, affordable health care. Workers should not be at risk of economic ruin or being fired for being sick, or caring for a sick loved one or new baby.  Every worker should be able to take paid family leave without retribution.


  1. Have a voice at work. Every worker should be allowed to collectively bargain at work to level the playing field between employers who hold all the cards and employees who need a voice.


  1. Access a quality public education. Consistent, significant public investments must be made in our public education system so every child has an opportunity to succeed and live their dreams.


“If President Trump wants a swamp to drain, he should look no further than the economic policies of Governor Walker and legislative Republicans that have given billions in tax handouts to the rich and powerful, the majority of which are without a single job creation or retention requirement.  When you cut and gut our public schools and university system, silence employees in the workplace, and waste public tax dollars to pad the pocketbooks of your friends and campaign donors, it’s not surprising that Wisconsin continues to lag behind most of the country in private sector job creation. Wisconsinites need a government that puts them first and invests in their future.  That is what my Economic Bill of Rights does."