Legislature Focused on Band Aids, Not Solutions

Must focus on expanding health care access and affordability in Wisconsin

MADISON – Today, the Legislature voted on two proposals that instead of making it easier for all Wisconsinites to access affordable, comprehensive health care, simply places a Band Aid on the real problems plaguing Wisconsin’s health care system.  Senate Bill 10 allows individuals with certain medical conditions to access cannabidiol (CBD) oil and Assembly Bill 69 also known as “Right to Try” allows individual to try new, experimental prescription drugs that are in the process of receiving approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“Ensuring that every single Wisconsinite has access to affordable health care is absolutely paramount.  While the legislation before the Assembly today may help a few patients, legislative Republicans continue to just nibble around the edges instead of getting to the meat of the problem which is what we actually need to be focusing on. 

“As we sit here today, Congress is considering taking away health care for thousands of Wisconsinites.  The number of uninsured patients in Wisconsin would increase by 91 percent under their proposal.  This sadly isn’t new for Wisconsin.  For years, legislative Republicans have been preventing Wisconsinites from getting health insurance and medical care for years in turning down the Medicaid expansion and shutting down health centers that provide mammograms and cancer screenings to score political points. 

“We can pass this bill today, but the real issue is you are standing on the sidelines to perhaps watch thousands of your constituents lose access to health care or are you going to fight for them?  Are you going to sit here or are you going to do something to help?  The greatest thing we can do as legislators is to prevent and end human suffering.  We must act now to make sure our working families have access to affordable, accessible health care.”