Gov. Walker thinks taxpayer money grows on trees

Uses state plane to further a political purpose rather than better Wisconsin

MADISON – Earlier this week, documents revealed the extent to which Gov. Scott Walker has used a state airplane to further his political career. In fact, an investigation of state records showed that Gov. Walker has racked up 869 flights costing taxpayers more than $800,000 in the last two years.

“I am disturbed that Gov. Walker would spend almost $3,500 on air travel in one day, part of which was to visit the opening of a fake women’s health center,” said Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison). “These centers lure women in with misleading materials and provide false medical information. Adding insult to injury, Gov. Walker hasn’t once visited a Planned Parenthood health center – despite the fact that they are Wisconsin’s most trusted reproductive health care provider. In fact, he’s actively taken away their funding and made it harder for Wisconsin women and patients to receive life-saving medical information.”

“It’s incredible that Gov. Walker uses state taxpayer money to fly on a private plane to attend an NRA event, invite-only “listening sessions” where he hand picks the Wisconsinites in attendance, and the fake women’s health center, but he can’t muster the effort to visit even one of the institutions in the state prison system,” continued Rep. Taylor. “Instead of serving all of the people of Wisconsin, Gov. Walker is using state resources to further his own political agenda that has failed the people of Wisconsin.”