Don’t Believe WI Right to Life’s Lies: Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

Planned Parenthood provides 60,000 Wisconsinites with life-saving health services

 MADISON – Yesterday, Wisconsin Right to Life released a statement claiming Wisconsin doesn’t need Planned Parenthood.  Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

 “While Wisconsin Right to Life claims we don’t need Planned Parenthood, there are 60,000 Wisconsinites who do.  60,000 Wisconsinites who access life-saving health care including cervical and breast cancer screenings, physical exams and STI testing. 

“Wisconsin Right to Life and Republican elected officials, including Congressman Paul Ryan and Governor Walker are doing everything in their power to shut Planned Parenthood down.  What we do know is that if Planned Parenthood closes its health centers, there is no other health care provider that will step in to provide the lost care. When five rural health centers were forced to close after Governor Walker and legislative Republican’s took away all state funds from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, no provider stepped in to provide the care.  In 73 percent of counties that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin serves, there is not a provider who has the capacity to absorb their patients. 

“Wisconsin Right to Life, a group that doesn’t provide any health care to any one, is willing to sacrifice the health and lives of women to accomplish their extreme political agenda of making abortion illegal in every circumstance.  The real losers are the women and families of Wisconsin.”