Democrats Propose a Real Tax Cut, Walker Proposes Peanuts

MADISON – Today, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo outlining the details of Governor Walker’s tax proposal that were included in his 2017-19 state budget.  Under his proposal, Wisconsin families would see a $44 tax cut.  Last week, Taylor joined several of her Democratic colleagues in introducing legislation that would provide middle class families with targeted tax relief while also repealing the largest corporate tax giveaway in Wisconsin history that does not require the creation of one single job.  Under Taylor’s bill, a family of four making $45,000/year would receive an additional $607 for tax year 2017.

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“If only Governor Walker treated middle class families with the same respect he treats Wisconsin’s wealthy.  Apparently Wisconsin residents are supposed to settle for an average tax cut of $44, while Governor Walker doles $22 million in tax breaks for 11 multi-millionaires who make at least $35 million each.  This is not ok.  If Republicans wanted to get serious about targeted middle class tax relief, they would repeal the largest corporate tax giveaway in Wisconsin history, 88 percent of which goes to individuals making more than $500,000/year, and invest it in needed tax relief for Wisconsin’s low and middle income families.  This is just more nibbling around the edges by my Republican colleagues, instead of tackling Wisconsin’s real issues head-on.”