Democratic Legislators Announce Formation of the Progressive Caucus of Wisconsin

Will focus on proactive and progressive policies that build up Wisconsin families

MADISON – Today, Democratic members of the State Assembly and Senate announced the formation of the Progressive Caucus of Wisconsin (PCW). The PCW will study, develop and advocate for proactive, progressive policies. The PCW is committed to a bold and inspiring agenda based on collaboration and focusing on state-wide shared progressive values that will ensure every Wisconsinite has a chance to succeed.

“This new caucus is a great opportunity for us as elected officials to connect with our constituents on the issues and develop and push progressive policies important to Wisconsinites,” said Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison). “The current way of doing things isn’t working – we need to advance a fair, robust economy for all Wisconsinites, not just those at the top.”

Legislators will work with local communities and members of the federal Congressional Progressive Caucus to develop and promote policies that invest in the people and communities of our state, instead of out-of-state special interests that currently drive the Republican’s legislative agenda.  Areas of focus include education, health care, environmental protection and family supporting jobs.

“People want the opportunity to succeed and for their children to have a better future,” said Sen. LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee). “We want to work with individuals and communities to develop an agenda that truly creates opportunities for Wisconsinites.”

“Too many people in Wisconsin are being left behind. We need bold, progressive policies – including fair wages, access to quality, affordable health care for all, and a public infrastructure that prioritizes public education, conserving our natural resources, and a 21st century transportation system – that move everyone forward, rather than rigging the system in favor of those at the top,” said Rep. Lisa Subeck (D-Madison).

The PCW is launching a listening tour across Wisconsin to hear about the issues that matter most to people in their communities. The inaugural event will take place on Thursday, February 8th at UW-Madison.

“It’s appropriate that we’re beginning our kickoff on a university campus to hear directly from students about the issues they care about and the challenges they face,” said Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison). “Young people are at the very heart of the progressive values we care about, and it’s important that we give them a voice to join us in creating our shared progressive vision for Wisconsin.”

“The time is now to advance a bold, progressive agenda in partnership with the communities and the people of Wisconsin,” said Sen. Mark Miller (D-Madison).