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November 8, 2019                                                                                                   Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

Assembly GOP Reject Will of the People and Refuse to Act on Common Sense Gun Safety Laws Yet Again
Republicans fail to hold votes on gun safety laws supported by 80% of the Wisconsinites

MADISON — Late yesterday evening, Assembly Republicans refused to even consider two pieces of common sense gun legislation, despite broad support from approximately 80% of Wisconsinites according to recent Marquette Law School polling. After years of inaction from the Republican-controlled legislature, Governor Tony Evers signed Executive Order #54, calling the legislature into a special session to address gun violence, which impacts every community in our state. But Republicans rejected the Governor’s calls for legislation requiring universal background checks on gun sales and creating Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).

In response, Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement: “As a policy maker, but more importantly as a mother, I continue to be appalled by the inaction of the Republican majority in the legislature. The Governor did his job in calling us in to a special session to consider two common-sense gun safety laws that most people in the state support. But Republican lawmakers have failed yet again to do their job. If they won’t listen to the Governor, they should at least listen to the 80% of Wisconsinites who are clearly calling them to act. They should at least listen to our children who are marching in the streets because they fear for their lives. But they continue to turn their backs on the people of this state and have chosen the death grip of the NRA instead.

“We can’t save those who have taken their lives, or the lives of children already lost to the brutality of gun violence, but we can act to protect the children sitting in their classrooms right now or the farmer dealing with isolation and depression who is at risk of suicide. These bills that the people and our Governor have called for will not solve the crisis of gun violence, but they are proven steps in the right direction.

“I urge the voters throughout this state to hear the call of the Democrats in the legislature—if the Republicans you have voted are not listening to your voices, they should not have the honor of representing you. Literally, the lives of your loved ones, your children and your families may depend on it.

“And to those who are disheartened by politics as usual, we all must never give up. It is all of our responsibility to rise up, speak up, and act out against the gun violence that is killing our children every day and against the leaders who block the common-sense gun safety laws that could save them. Politicians who ignore the people must go.”