Budget Update

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Joint Committee on Finance met to finalize the budget. The issues taken up this week dealt with Transportation, Foxconn, Public Instruction, and Revenue.


  • New fee on hybrid and electric cars to support $75 million in transportation bonding.
  • Eliminating 200 DOT positions and using related funding to support the transportation fund
  • Funding to complete the tolling study
  • Additional $10 million for the Local Bridge Improvement Assistance Program
  • Funding for in-vehicle cameras and tactical vests and helmets for state patrol
  • Allocating $5.7 million for projects at the Wisconsin Rapids and Appleton airports
  • Increase funding for the Harbor Assistance Program by $3.2 million
  • Federal Aid "Swap"
  • Repeal of prevailing wage, effective September 1, 2018
  • Direct the Transportation Projects Commission to study "best practices" in other states, recommend projects for denumeration, and evaluate the allocation of funds among highway funding programs


  • Geographic limit for an EITM zone that could not include any area outside of the state
  • Geographic limit for EITM zone for payroll credits so that it doesn't apply to services performed outside this state
  • WI Economic Development Corporation would have to attempt to ensure that the business has sought/is seeking to satisfy hiring goals in this state before receiving EITM zone capital expenditure credits
  • Authorize $252,400,000 in general fund-supported, general obligation bonds, to be used for the I-94 North-South corridor project. It specifies that DOT cannot expend the proceeds of these bonds unless the state receives an award of federal moneys for the I-94 North-South corridor project section and submits a request to expend the bond proceeds to the Joint Committee on Finance.


Public Instruction:

  • Modify the Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) by removing prior year open enrollment requirements, prior year public school enrollment requirements, and providing summer school payments
  • Amend the SNSP program to allow receiving schools to receive more than $12,000 per student if additional costs are incurred from educating a student with an IEP. No payment will be less than $12,000 and receiving additional money is optional.


  • Partial property tax repeal beginning January 1, 2018, with non-manufacturing machinery, tools, and patterns being excluded from personal property tax. To hold municipalities harmless, the state will provide $74.4 million to offset the exemption
  • Property taxes: provide $48 million over the biennium to keep property taxes below 2014 levels
  • Allow counties to share services so that services may be more efficiently delivered to constituents
  • Expand the applicability of local room tax to owners of short-term rentals
  • Beginning in 2019 repeal the alternative minimum tax
  • Restore current law for the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program and modify to implement a $5 million per project cap beginning July 1, 2018.
  • Fully fund the private label credit card tax deduction. The deduction allows retailers to receive a tax deduction for sales tax on credit cards for which a borrower defaults.
  •  Require DOR to use statistical sampling when conducting financial audits of small businesses.


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