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Session Recap

During our Tuesday floor session, Assembly Speaker Vos discussed what we have accomplished so far and what we still look to get done this session. Click on the photo below to watch his speech. 

2018 Floor Session.jpg

If you want to see what was all voted on during the Assembly Floor Session on Tuesday, you can do so here.

I'm happy to say that one of my bills, AB 605 on mentored trapping, passed the Assembly on a voice vote. The Senate companion bill was unanimously voted out of the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry in December. Hopefully both bills will be scheduled for a vote by the full Senate soon.

Our next Assembly Floor Session will be on January 23rd, you can find an agenda for the session here.

Science & Technology Committee

This week Wednesday, the Assembly Science & Technology Committee, which I chair, held a hearing on three bills. Please let me know your thoughts.

  • AB 563: Authored by Reps. Spiros and C. Taylor, this bill allows law enforcement agencies to use the integrated crime alert network to spread news of threats to law enforcement.
  • AB 564: Authored by Rep. Neylon, this bill expands the age eligibility to receive grants to participate in robotics competitions.
  • AB 661: Authored by Reps. Barca and Jarchow, this bill creates some exemptions from certain boating restrictions for operators of hydro-flight devices or personal watercrafts.

20180117_114224.jpgSix different robotics teams were present for our hearing. One of the teams even brought a small robot to demonstrate. Did you know that the size of the robots competing could be up to 120 pounds? It was great to have all of the students in committee talking about how the robotics competitions have impacted their lives and how much STEM programs mean to them. Great job testifying.

Thursday of Committees

Yesterday was a very busy day in the Capitol, with many committees holding hearings and having executive sessions. I myself had three committees yesterday morning, so I thought that I would give you a brief description of what we are discussing in each.

I started the day with the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities which voted on three bills and held a hearing on three more:

  • SB 407: Authored by Sen. Feyen, this bill deals with transfer policies of college credit earned in high school
  • AB 567: Authored by Rep. Tusler, this bill creates a Public Defender Board student loan payment pilot program
  • AB 701: Authored by Rep. Horlacher, this bill creates a crime victims legal clinic at the UW Law School
  • AB 777: Authored by Rep. Novak, this bill deals with tuition grants for foster care and other out-of-home placement students
  • AB 805: Authored by Rep. Kooyenga, this bill excludes certain college credit in high school programs from the Early College Credit Program
  • AB 808: Authored by Rep. Jacque, this bill provides grants to technical college students for apprenticeship expenses

This was followed by the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform which held a hearing on seven bills:

  • AB 670: Authored by Rep. Kooyenga, this bill deals with exemptions of continuing education requirements for certain professions
  • AB 834: Authored by Rep. Kooyenga, this bill deals with the score required to successfully complete chiropractic exams
  • AB 733: Authored by Rep. Novak, this bill deals with fee waivers for some occupational credentials
  • AB 483: Authored by Rep. Jagler, this bill eliminates the Building Inspector Review Board and the Contractor Certification Council and requires the Uniform Dwelling Code Council to review building inspection complaints
  • AB 584: Authored by me, this bill lets the governor waive certain fees, for example re-issuing drivers license, in a declared state of emergency
  • AB 837: Authored by Rep. VanderMeer, this bill modifies the law with funeral director apprenticeships
  • AB 829: Authored by Rep. Petryk, this bill deals with discrimination based on arrest or conviction record under the fair employment law

Finally, to conclude the day, the Assembly Committee on Rural Development and Mining held a vote on two bills:

  • AB 731: Authored by Rep. Kitchens, deals with the qualifications of newspapers to receive compensation for publication of legal notices
  • AB 730: Authored by Rep. Ed Brooks and part of the RWI Workforce Package of bills, this bill creates student loan reimbursements for individuals who move back to Wisconsin
Free Fishing Weekend!

This weekend is Free Fishing Weekend in Wisconsin. It kicks off on Saturday with a bunch of ice fishing clinics and free loaner equipment. No fishing license or Great Lakes salmon stamps or Inland Trout stamps are needed to fish on the inland waters. Just remember that all other fishing rules apply with regard to limits on the number and size of fish. 


Free Fishing Clinics:

  • Straight Lake State Park, Luck: January 20th, 12:00pm - 3:00pm; Holes will be drilled, loaner jigging sticks, tip-ups, and bait available; Wisconsin State Park vehicle sticker required
  • Glen Lock, Chippewa Falls: January 20th, 12:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Spooner: January 19, 6:30 pm - 8:30pm classroom session at the Spooner DNR Service Center & January 20, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Spooner Lake; Loaner equipment, tackle and bait provided
Want a Blue Book?

We have lots of Blue Books and road maps in my office - would you like one? Blue Books are full of great information about state government: biographies of legislators, information on state agencies, and more! I'm happy to drop one off with you personally. To request either a Blue Book or map, please call my office phone toll-free at (888) 534-0075 or email rep.quinn@legis.wisconsin.gov.


Thank you to all who have written or called to voice their opinions or ask questions. My office is always open, and your feedback truly helps guide my thinking.

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