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Bringing the Conversation Home: RWI Brings Focus Back to the District

I've talked often about the Rural Wisconsin Initiative (RWI) and the importance of changing the conversation in Madison to focus on the issues our district face. This week, the RWI held a press conference to unveil our first bill of the session and announce what we will be working on over the next two years.

The first bill introduced, which I authored, will provide $35.5 million for broadband grants. The bill also gives greater direction to our grant program to ensure that the money will be targeted at the rural areas that truly need high-speed internet access. This funding expansion will see significant improvements to broadband access and higher speeds for many areas across the state.

Click the picture at left to watch the whole press conference and tell me what you think!

Above: Speaking about broadband at the RWI press conference.



What's Coming Next


Your Views Matter!

In each issue of our E-Update, Iíll include a few bills or proposals that I am supporting. This week, I have signed on in support of:
  • LRB 1945/1:  A bill proposed by Sen. Craig and Rep. Kremer to allow municipalities to have a say before having a roundabout placed in their community. Under this bill, a city council, town, or village board would have to have an affirmative vote of the majority in order for a roundabout to be placed in the community.
  • LRB 0802/2: Sen. Moulton and Rep. Snyder are introducing a bill to permit terminally ill patients the right to try treatment options that are in the process of obtaining FDA approval, but are not yet on pharmacy shelves. These medications have passed the clinical phase which ensures they are safe. In order for the patient to gain access they must have considered all other options, have a recommendation from their physician, and have given written informed consent.


Thank you to all those who have written or called to voice their opinions or ask questions. My office is always open, and your feedback truly helps guide my thinking.



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