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Session Update --- Your Views Matter --- Bills I Support

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Legislative Update:

Welcome Back to Session

Last week, I was inaugurated to my second term as your Representative, and I am honored to have two more years to work on your behalf. I am excited for an eventful year, and am hitting the ground running. Here are some things I am working on:

Before the inauguration, the Republican caucus elected a new leadership team, and I am proud to say that rural Wisconsin now has a seat at the table: I will be serving as the Vice-Chair of the Majority Caucus. We have an incredible range of talent in the caucus this year, and adding a rural voice to the leadership team is a demonstration that our agenda will not leave anyone behind. With a historic wave of success this year, now is the moment to bring forward the best ideas from all corners of the state.

I am also excited about the next phase of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative. We have packages of bills aimed at improving access to rural health care and bringing greater job opportunities and training to areas that are struggling. I will be the Assembly leader on advancing Governor Walkerís proposal to add $35.5 million for broadband expansion and technology access. We are working to move Wisconsin forward and make sure that all of our communities can thrive.

Finally, I am excited to expand my participation in committees. I have been appointed to chair the Committee on Science and Technology. Itís a privilege to serve as committee chairman, and I look forward to exploring the issues we will face. By expanding my committee participation from 6 committees to 7, I will have the opportunity to learn more about a wide range of issues that face our state.

The Governor gave his State of the State Address this week. Click the picture for my reaction and share your thoughts!



What's Coming Next


Your Views Matter!

In each issue of our E-Update, Iíll include a few bills or proposals that I am supporting. This week, I have signed on in support of:
  • A letter from Rep. Jarchow and Sen. Tiffany calling on Governor Walker to issue an executive order directing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to create a wolf management program which will allow for a wolf hunt in the fall of 2017. Congressman Duffy recently co-authored a bill that would remove gray wolves from the Endangered Species List, and Wisconsin should be ready to enforce our own hunt when the bill passes.
  • LRB-0529: A bill proposed by Rep. Allen to restore local control. Currently, local municipalities have almost no power to prevent cell phone towers from being placed in residential areas, even if the residents oppose the tower. We need to support local decisions.
  • LRB-0582: A bill proposed by Rep. Hutton to help our local communities save money and make our construction bidding process more fair. Project Labor Agreements can tie the hands of local governments, requiring them to take actions such as only hiring from a local union shop or pay into union pension fund, even if a company has employees who are not members of the union or may never receive a union pension benefit. Using the most cost-effective bid, whether it's a union or non-union, will save residents tax money and maintain high-quality work.


Thank you to all those who have written or called to voice their opinions or ask questions. My office is always open, and your feedback truly helps guide my thinking.



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