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Statement: State of the Union Address "I’m excited to see more of the President’s agenda put into action, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The President has proven he’ll work hard to protect American and Wisconsin workers."
Speaker Vos Testifies on Middle Class Tax Cut “The hardworking people of Wisconsin deserve a tax break. Our state is in a great place economically thanks to eight years of sound fiscal planning by Republicans. There is no reason not to return the GOP surplus to the people who paid it."
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Speaker Vos Delivers Republican Response to State of State Address It’s clear: the state of our state is strong.
New Era of Government Begins in Wisconsin “We can’t allow the state to reverse course and undo the progress that we have made over the last eight years,” said Speaker Vos. “We have reduced the size of government, invested in education, created a welcoming business climate and we were still able to cut taxes by more than $8 billion.”
Statement: Appointment of Rep. Barca to Administration "Governor-elect Evers finally got one right. Rep. Barca is a reasonable Democrat who is more than willing to work across the aisle and has the political courage to do what’s right for the people of Wisconsin."