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Statement: Governor-elect Tony Evers, Assembly Republican Majority "While yesterday was a win for Governor-elect Evers, it cannot be seen as any kind of mandate for change. Assembly Republicans will continue to deliver on our conservative promises to our constituents and won’t allow Wisconsin to slide backward."
Statement: Worker Training Grants in Racine County the Department of Workforce Development awarded more than $700,000 in worker training grants in Racine County. The grants are administered through the Wisconsin Fast Forward program that has awarded more than $25 million in grant contracts to roughly 20 projects since 2014.
Speaker Vos Sends a Message on Foxconn to Illinois "Local government officials in Illinois are resorting to fear mongering and hyperbole instead of learning the real facts,” said Speaker Vos.
Speaker Vos Welcomes Federal Commission on School Safety to Wisconsin “I’m proud of the progress we’ve made to provide safe learning environments and increase access to mental health services in our schools."
Statement: Foxconn Health Care Partnership "This latest development is yet another illustration of the long-term commitment that Foxconn is making in Wisconsin."