Beyond Parody: Liberal Media Shocked to Discover Christians Exist Beyond Parody: Liberal Media Shocked to Discover Christians Exist
Assembly Approves Campus Free Speech Act The Campus Free Speech Act will end the unconstitutional “heckler’s veto” and create a behavioral shift on campus. Passage of this bill in the Assembly chamber moves us one step closer to enshrining free expression protections on Wisconsin’s university campuses.
EPA "No Growth" Zones Decimate Opportunity in Wisconsin "I applaud the efforts of WILL, WMC, and the Sheboygan Chamber on calling for the federal government to provide new flexibilities, however, as state lawmakers, we have a responsibility to act as well” said Rep. Kremer. “Policies set into action by unelected bureaucrats at the EPA have had devastating outcomes. A number of these issues have been on my radar this legislative session, and will be addressed."
The State Assembly Approves Foxconn, Votes to Bring Historic Investment & Jobs to Wisconsin “Today is a proud day for all Wisconsinites...new manufacturing, new tech, new family supporting careers and new optimism. We took a historic step today towards building a new industry and manufacturing campus not seen anywhere in North America right here in Wisconsin. I am thrilled to be your voice of the 59th Assembly District by voting yes on the Foxconn package.”
Rep. Kremer Stands Up for Taxpayers, Prevents State Funding of MKE Street Car Operation Yesterday, the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) voted on its transportation portion of the State Biennial Budget and included two major policy provisions introduced by Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) relating to the funding of the Milwaukee Street Car.