Big Government’s Continued War on the Working Class The heavy hand of the EPA and DNR have been decimating economic growth in select regions of Wisconsin by creating artificial, government sanctioned, economic inequality from one region to the next. These locales have been dubbed “No Growth Zones”. Case in point: Sheboygan County.
A Public Safety Funding Shell Game: MKE Mayor’s Actions Speak Louder than Words The city has millions of dollars for a streetcar, but no money for adequate police protection?
Campus Free Speech: The Pillar of a Democracy Our goal as legislators is not to micro-manage public university campuses, but to establish a basic framework of rules that an appointed Board of Regents act upon. Because the very fabric of our society is based upon liberty and freedom, especially within the tenets of the 1st amendment, it is imperative that our institutions of higher education remain the free marketplace of ideas.
Maintaining Relevancy for All Vets; The American Legion Legacy I was blown away when I opened a recent letter from my own Wisconsin American Legion. The topic? If legislators don’t act, 2000 Wisconsin veteran construction jobs and $113 million in wages will be lost and 200 more veterans will be in poverty - within a year… if legislators complete the repeal of artificially inflated wages on state projects, otherwise known as prevailing wage.
Body Cameras: Policing with Privacy in an Age of Technology 21st century technology, although beneficial, has placed us on thin ice with the Fourth Amendment and in situations where there is an expectation of privacy.
Fire Prevention vs. School Security Wisconsin legislators could provide a lot less uncertainty regarding the safety of our young children by giving parents complete control over their security.
Prioritizing Ethical Research in Wisconsin Wisconsin can become a biotechnology leader by prioritizing life-saving, ethical research utilizing umbilical cord blood. Like stem cells found in bone marrow, cord blood contains unique stem cells that can help repair damaged body tissues...
Every Election has Consequences: Part 2 Unelected, federal judges have decided that they can write law and become “gods” in their own right...
Every Election Has Consequences: Part 1 Until a few years ago, I had never been a member of a political party. I hadn’t knocked on doors to discuss issues with folks or considered myself a viable candidate for office. While I didn’t expect to win, I felt that even if I lost, at least my children would know the importance of engaging in the democratic process.
Reflections on Heroism Reflecting on Memorial Day and looking forward to Independence Day, we should reflect on the sacrifices made for our freedom. As an airline captain during 9/11 and military veteran, I feel compelled to share a story I read in the Washington Post that brought tears to my eyes.
The Progressives’ Blatant War on Women Exposed Progressive activists have finally blatantly, and unintentionally, unveiled their real war on women. In an attempt to appease a few individuals, these extremists have overplayed their hand and we, as citizens, must stand up to their intolerance and bigotry.
Wisconsin's Job Crisis Wisconsin has a jobs crisis caused by a lack of qualified employees for our state's skilled trades, high expectations from recent college grads and public benefits stifling people's will to work.
A Word of Caution to Private and Parochial Schools Considering the Voucher Program While the choice program is an excellent outreach tool and a truly useful welfare program, it will be evolving for years to come and must be utilized with extreme caution. I urge any school considering participation in the voucher program to set defined limits and remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch - there must be an exit strategy.
Rural EMS Solutions Solutions for rural EMS providers
Medicaid Prior-Authorization Issues with prior authorization were targeted during a DHS audit in 2001; however, the audit findings were never addressed. This is big government at its worst for a number of reasons.
Energy and the Free Market My personal belief is that we all suffer when the government intrudes where it does not belong by falsely manipulating the marketplace.
Student Privacy Must Be Protected Teen boys MUST be allowed to change and shower next to high school girls. Does this statement sound absurd? Would this be an educational environment that fosters safety, dignity and privacy for our children? Absolutely not!
You Can Make a Difference! If you have ever sat in on any of my presentations, you are keenly aware of my passionate belief that the best ideas do not come from legislators or governors, but from the well-informed electorate.
The Need for Reform Government run programs are usually begun with good intentions, but all too often they balloon, lose their focus and become breeding grounds for fraud, waste and abuse. I took an oath to be a good steward of every dime of taxpayer money that enters the state coffers.
Prevention and Protection on College Campuses This past week, another horrific mass shooting took place in yet another "gun-free” school zone. While we will never be able to legislate evil into extinction, I will address some facets of this issue in the contexts of campus violence prevention and protection.
Observations of a New Legislator Since becoming an elected official I have learned many things and have also realized that some commonly held misconceptions about public office are not necessarily reality. Three of those misconceptions involve career politicians, lobbyists and partisan politics.
Emergency Medical Services in Rural Wisconsin Changing requirements for ambulance staffing on rural Emergency Medical Service agencies.
My Vote on the Bucks Arena Deal Why I voted for SB 209, the Milwaukee Bucks arena deal.
Repeal of Prevailing Wage is Real Money Savings The state has kicked the can on transportation funding for over a decade and yet, we continue to borrow and spend. Responsible citizens must live within their means. As a legislator, I demand that we budget within our means as a state. At times, this may require bold reforms.
June Dairy Month - Anaerobic Biodigesters Several months ago, I learned of a unique form of truly renewable energy production in Wisconsin – anaerobic biodigesters. Biodigesters have been around for decades, predominantly in Europe, but their potential has yet to be fully realized here in the United States.
IRIS and SeniorCare In this editorial, I share my thoughts on the Governor's proposed removal of IRIS in the state budget and changes to the state's SeniorCare program.
Thoughts on Education My first budget-oriented topic up for discussion is education - the future of our nation. Unfortunately, the status quo is failing us. Partisan politics from the left and the right have pitted choice against parochial and private against public school systems - all in the name of the almighty dollar. This is not productive and will not allow our children to flourish...
Right to Work Editorial There has been a lot of rhetoric and many a heated comment over the past two weeks regarding the recent introduction of "Right to Work" legislation in Wisconsin. As a new, conservative legislator, I would like to share two primary reasons why I support this issue: Right to Work will reinforce workers’ freedom to associate and will help our economy continue to grow.
Transportation Funding: A No-Frills Solution There has been a lot of talk about the impending squeeze on general transportation funds over the next few years. Although this will likely take place, most of the input that I have received is very nearsighted; asking, “How can we increase the revenue stream?" I see the situation from a different perspective. The question I would like to ask is, “How can we be more efficient and cut the frills?"