September 15, 2017





The Fall Session is off to a strong start at the State Capitol! Since the last E-Update, my office has been hard at work moving reform minded bills through the legislature. The state biennial budget process is coming to a close and our office has secured some major protections for state taxpayers to keep them off the hook for the MKE Streetcar. All in all, it’s been a busy few weeks here at the Capitol as your State Representative and I look forward to a robust schedule of hearings on our reform agenda in the coming weeks.


Remembering 9/11



On Monday, I had the honor of speaking before the Kewaskum 9/11 Memorial at the Patriot Day Ceremony. Gathered were neighbors, dignitaries, and students from Holy Trinity and Kewaskum High School to honor those who lost their lives during the terrorist attack on our nation on September 11, 2001. As a veteran, airline captain, and volunteer firefighter/EMT, 9/11 is particularly meaningful for me and I was grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences of that fateful day. I want to again thank all the first responders and members of the Armed Forces that have sacrificed so much in their service to our community and our country.


"State Representative Jesse Kremer gave a powerful speech about national security and the American spirit." Judy Steffes, Washington County Insider. Watch Representative Kremer’s 9/11 Speech Here


Foxconn in Wisconsin: Welcome to Wisconn Valley


The Assembly again voted to keep Wisconsin moving forward yesterday by approving the Foxconn legislative package put forth by the Governor. The announcement that Foxconn, an international manufacture of cell phones, televisions, and other electronic devices, chose Wisconsin as the site of its next campus was an incredible endorsement of Republican reforms. With the legislation now on Governor Walker’s desk, we are very excited for this opportunity and likely catalyst for even further economic growth.


With 13,000 jobs and a $10 billion capitol investment, this project represents the largest economic development in Wisconsin and the largest in U.S. history as measured by jobs. The manufacturing campus itself will be one of the largest in the world. Here again are some of the highlights:


- 13,000 jobs, average salary of $53,875


- 22,000 indirect and induced jobs (Ex. Corning Glass has signaled a desire to build a $1 billion facility nearby)


- 10,000 construction jobs, 6,000 indirect construction jobs


- $10 billion dollar capitol investment


- 20 million sq. ft floor area, roughly 11 Lambeau Fields


- The first liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturing plant in North America


- $181 million in state & local tax revenues, $60 million in local property taxes




Budget Update


This week the State Assembly also voted to approve the 2017-2018 biennial state budget to keep Wisconsin working and moving forward. The budget was rigorously debated for close to eleven hours, after which I support the budget as it supplied several key reforms to state taxpayers. As legislators, we don't get everything that we want via legislation, or in this case, the state budget. While I am disappointed in the increased spending, severely reducing our state park law enforcement ranks and some legislator’s pet projects in the budget document, as a whole, there were a lot of solid, conservative, reform-minded wins that we, as state taxpayers, should be proud of.


Highlights of these policies working and winning for Wisconsin include:


- Eliminates 3 different taxes, hold the line on property taxes


- Fully repeals Prevailing Wage


- Protects Transportation Fund & Misuse of TIF from on-going costs of the MKE Streetcar


- Freezes UW Tuition, equaling $6,000 on average saved by our students over 4 years


- Increased funding for Medical Assistance & FoodShare (food stamp) fraud prevention


- Eliminates over 432 state full time positions, specifically 200 DOT positions


- Independent Audit of the UW System


- Audit of Planned Parenthood’s reimbursements from the state


The biennial state budget now heads to the State Senate, which is scheduled to take up the omnibus bill today.


Protecting Taxpayers From The MKE Streetcar


The Assembly passed two key provision in the transportation portion of the state biennial budget introduced by my office relating to the funding of the Milwaukee Street Car. For the second consecutive session, I have enthusiastically pursued language through legislation and, now also via a budget motion, to ensure the state’s transportation coffers weren’t used to funnel additional future funds to the streetcar’s costs.


As it stands, there is a looming threat that the City of Milwaukee could reach out to the mass transit portion of the State Transportation fund for up to 3.5 million annually. State taxpayers have already contributed generously to the streetcar’s construction with over $69 million in federal handouts.


Beyond this, my office learned that the City of Milwaukee was quietly attempting to locate funds for the streetcar through the use of Tax Incremental Districts (TID) funds. In response, I submitted an additional provision to the budget which would prevent Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs) from through being gerrymandered to overlap with current and future lines of the streetcar and funnel funds for its construction or operational costs.


This is a major win for Wisconsin as the cost to operate a Milwaukee streetcar will never be placed on the backs of taxpayers statewide.



Update On The Team



Evan Hafenbreadl – Legislative Assistant


Evan has been a vital member of both my and Representative Brandtjen’s offices. Today marks his last day with us at the Capitol as he heads off to fulfill his call to service in the National Guard. For about the next years’ time, Evan will be deployed overseas in defense of liberty.  We wish him the best on his deployment and we can’t wait to have you home for Christmas next year.



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