Friday, January 28 2016

Consumer Data Privacy Bill Circulated

Did you know that your car could be spying on you? Depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle, data points such as where you go, how fast you drive and if you wear your seat could be collected and stored, even transmitted to your vehicle's manufacturer. Vehicles collect information in a number of ways; event data recorders, also known as "black boxes," onboard diagnostics, subscription services such as OnStar and dashboard "infotainment" centers are all recording bits of information about your preferences, driving habits and sometimes your whereabouts.

On Wednesday of this week, Representative Romaine Quinn, Senator Duey Stroebel and I circulated a bill to protect Wisconsinites from potential data privacy breaches caused by unauthorized access to any of these devices. In short, the bill would require most vehicle data access to be granted by the written consent of the vehicle's owner. The bill would also prohibit insurance companies from conditioning policy renewal or cancellation on whether or not EDR data access is granted.

In order for consumers to be sufficiently informed prior to purchasing a used vehicle, the bill requires WI DOT to add an EDR section to the Wisconsin Buyer's Guide window sticker. This sticker, pictured above, is found on all used cars for sale in dealer lots. Motor vehicle dealers would need to indicate on the sticker whether the vehicle for sale is equipped with a black box.

Click here to view my press release on the bill's release.

Click here to read the bill text.

Agriculture Day in the Capitol

Wednesday was "Ag Day" at the Capitol. Folks from Farm Bureau Districts 1 and 6 met in the Capitol's North Hearing Room to discuss issues affecting them - high capacity wells, implements of husbandry, manure drag line legislation and raw milk sales in Wisconsin.

It was a privilege to meet and discuss these important issues. Thanks for visiting!


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