Friday, May 8 2015

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Circulated for Support

Did you know that unborn children as young as 20 weeks (5 months) can feel pain? Yesterday, State Senator Mary Lazich and I circulated the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which acknowledges scientific evidence supporting the pain capability of unborn babies, and protects them from the barbaric procedures so often used to end their lives.

In the 1973 landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, the high court recognized a state’s compelling interest in preserving life after the "point of viability," or when the child is likely to survive outside the mother (usually near the end of the 2nd trimester). The court did not say, however, that viability is the only compelling reason to preserve life. Thus, I believe we have a duty and a moral obligation to protect these children from the horrific, painful procedures used to snuff out their lives. The barbaric dismemberment and mutilation of little children is something that no humane society should tolerate.

According to a Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) report, 89 innocent, unborn children were aborted after 20 weeks of pregnancy (5 months). This bill is necessary because unborn babies can feel pain. The procedures used to abort babies at this term of pregnancy are astonishingly barbaric, involving limb by limb dismemberment of the child's growing body. I will not stand idly by while these painful horrors are performed on our society's most vulnerable. This bill is free from exceptions or "carve-outs," affirming that in no circumstance should a child be subjected to such torture. Please join me in support of this measure to protect Wisconsin's precious, unborn children from senseless pain and suffering.

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