Wednesday, June 24 2015

Governor Signs SB 35, SB 70 Into Law


At noon today, Governor Walker signed two important pieces of legislation into law - Act 22, the elimination of the 48 hour hold on handgun purchases; and Act 23, the ability for off-duty and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. As co-author of Act 22, I am proud to have seen this bill signed into law.


Both laws will ensure that law-abiding citizens are able to continue to safely arm themselves. It should be noted that the elimination of the 48 hour hold for handgun purchases does not eliminate the current statutory provision for a required background check; rather, it allows law-abiding gun owners to acquire their firearm as soon as the Department of Justice background check is completed.


Act 23 will ensure the continued safety of our public schools by allowing off-duty and retired officers to legally conceal their weapons while on public school grounds.


To view the texts of both bills and find more information, click the links below:

  • 2015 Wisconsin Act 22 (SB 35)

  • 2015 Wisconsin Act 23 (SB 70)




Your Thoughts on the Milwaukee Bucks Arena


As many of you know, the Milwaukee Bucks arena "deal" is currently being considered by the state Legislature. I have received a handful of contacts on this issue, but would like more input!



To send me your thoughts, please click here to take my quick survey.



Below are some of the details that were provided by the Governor earlier this month. In case you missed it, here is a link to the press conference at which the deal was first announced.


In April 2014, Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens bought the Milwaukee Bucks from Herb Kohl for $550 million. According to ESPN sources, the sale included the following provisions:

  • Milwaukee contingency - Lasry and Edens purchased the Bucks under the terms that the team would be kept in Milwaukee. Former owner Herb Kohl included this condition in the sale to ensure the team would stay in the city.

  • Buy-back - while the sale contract is private, sources say the NBA may buy the bucks back for $575 million (purchase price was $550 million) if significant progress towards a more modern arena is not underway by 2017.


      A new arena is projected to cost $500 million. The current state and private funding breakdown is as follows:

  • Herb Kohl - $100 million

  • Lasry/Edens - $100 million        

  • State of Wisconsin - $80 million ($4 million for 20 years)

  • City of Milwaukee - $47 million

  • Milwaukee County - $80 million ($4 million for 20 years)

  • Wisconsin Center District  - $93 million (bonding)





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