March 3, 2017

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Assembly in Session Next Week

Next week, the Assembly has two floor periods: Tuesday, March 7th and Thursday, March 9th. On session days, the full Assembly votes on legislation. Here are a couple of notable bills that we will be voting on next week:

March 7th:

AB 49/SB 10- These bipartisan bills remove state government hurdles to non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) oil so people can get a prescription to use CBD oil to treat those who suffer from seizure disorders. I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.

AB 69- This bipartisan bill, often called 'Right to Try', gives certain individuals with a terminal illness, who have exhausted all medical options and received a recommendation from their doctor, the option to try an investigational drug. I am a co-sponsor of this legislation and voted to support it in the Assembly Committee on Health.

March 9th:

AB 24/SB 3- This legislation promotes the free market and saves taxpayer money by giving contractors and project owners the option to enter into a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) by prohibiting the state or local municipalities from requiring PLAs for projects. PLAs vary, but common restrictions require a construction project to only be awarded to a contractor and/or sub-contractor that agrees to only hire employees from the local union hiring hall (even if the company has employees who are not members of the union), pay into the union pension fund (even though its employees may never receive a union pension benefit), recognize unions as the representatives of their employees on that job and more. I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.

AB 28- This bill fixes a quirk in the law by establishing the conceal carry license renewal date at the end of five years rather than when the applicant's renewal is approved. This ensures that those who exercise their right to carry do not lose money and time on their current license. I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on the bills that will be receiving a vote next week or on any other proposals.

You can look at the rest of the session calendar for each day by clicking here.

The public is welcome to watch the session live from the public gallery. But, if you are unable to make it to Madison that day, you can watch the proceedings live on Wisconsin eye by clicking here.

Thanks for Visiting!

Megan McLachlan, a constituent of the 56th district, from Family Voices of Wisconsin met with me this week to discuss issues relating to Medicaid and education and how families with children who have special health care needs are affected. Thank you for sharing your story!

I met with students attending pharmacy school to discuss emergency prescription extension, the Red Tape Review, and intern immunization legislation. I always appreciate hearing from students who are soon-to-be accomplished professionals in their field!

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