FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                             October 28, 2015

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Rep. Rohrkaste Supports Reform of Wisconsin’s Civil Service Law

Madison, WI – Representative Mike Rohrkaste (R-Neenah) supported legislation that updates Wisconsin’s civil service law so the state can attract and retain the best employees possible.

“Right now, our state cannot keep up with the private sector when it comes to hiring and retaining employees,” said Rep. Rohrkaste. “We need to update Wisconsin’s civil service laws by streamlining the process and ensuring that we are consistent and fair across all state agencies.”

Wisconsin’s state workforce is aging rapidly, and the current hiring process has greater challenges than ever. This legislation will replace the civil service exam requirement with a resume-based system, allowing departments to continue using tests as needed. It will also put into effect an annual performance review that will be standardized across agencies. This will maximize the effectiveness of employees while also rewarding good work with a merit-based funding pool of $6 million.

“This legislation modernizes the state’s approach to hiring and retaining employees and also creates more certainty for both the state and its workforce,” said Rohrkaste. “It is time we update this antiquated system and replace it with something that works for the state of Wisconsin.”

 Assembly Bill 373 was passed and will now be taken up by the state Senate.