August 28th, 2015

A Note from Rep. Rohrkaste

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Hi, Mike Rohrkaste with my latest e-update of the 2015-16 legislative session. As always, these updates will continue to be posted throughout the legislative session and are available for viewing in my bi-weekly e-updates, and on my legislative website.

Recently, Speaker Robin Vos has announced a series of legislative work groups, which focus on several important issues for Wisconsin. The group I have been assigned to will study shared services best practices, to find ways for Wisconsin municipalities in close proximity to jointly deliver the same quality services, but at a more efficient cost to taxpayers. I plan to use my private sector experience in this area to find viable solutions.

Representative Vos has also announced the formation of three new Task Forces:  workforce readiness, urban education, and Alzheimers and Dementia which I am honored to have been named the chairperson. I look forward to working with my colleagues, including vice-chair Rep. Dianne Hesselbein, to find real solutions to the problems these diseases can cause. Alzheimer’s and Dementia negatively impact thousands of people every single day and that is why this bi-partisan task force of legislators is so important.

If you have any suggestions in either of these areas, I would encourage you to contact my office, or attend some of the public information forums that will be announced soon. Once again, thank you for taking the time to view this video and have a great Wisconsin weekend.

Rep. Rohrkaste to Chair Speaker’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia

I am honored to be the chair of such an important task force. Alzheimer’s and Dementia have a profoundly negative impact on those who suffer from these diseases, as well as the people around them. I am glad that the Speaker is committed to raising awareness about these disorders and also to finding new ways to help those suffering from them.

The Speaker’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia was created to study and make recommendations on policy initiatives that would improve the care of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In addition to myself, the other Representatives on this taskforce will be Vice-Chair Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton), John Jagler (R-Watertown), Terry Katsma (R-Oostburg), Todd Novak (R-Dodgeville), Mary Czaja (R-Irma), Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc), Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield), and Jonathon Brostoff (D-Milwaukee).

Big News for Wisconsin

The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has reported that Wisconsin is among the top ten in the nation for monthly job growing, as well as being second in the Midwest.  In my last e-update, I mentioned that our state added 8,200 private sector jobs in the month of July, which were largely fueled by an increase in manufacturing jobs.  Our unemployment rate for July was 4.6 percent, which is significantly below the national rate of 5.3 percent.  Also, all counties have seen a decline in unemployment when compared with the same time last year.

General revenue tax collections are up $71 million, which is a 4.3 percent increase in fiscal year 2015.  Also worth mentioning, Wisconsin has the second highest ACT test scores in the nation, tying with Iowa with an average composite score of 22.2.

Congratulations to Oshkosh Corporation

On Tuesday, the United States Army awarded Oshkosh Defense a $6.7 billion contract to replace the Humvee with Oshkosh's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).  This contract is set to bring billions to the economy of northeastern Wisconsin and could have a huge positive impact on the Fox Cities.  If you would like to learn more, follow the link below:


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