Memo: Transportation Costs Ballooning under Republican Inaction Despite having had control of the Governor’s office and Legislature for three budgets covering six years, Republicans have done nothing to address Wisconsin’s transportation funding crisis while Wisconsin’s roads and bridges continue to fall into an alarmingly high level of disrepair.
Local Taxpayers Still Paying for Republican K-12 Cuts Rep. Hintz released an updated memo he requested from the state’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau on operating referenda passed for school districts that include the most recent November election results.
GOP Transportation Budget: Same as it Ever Was Despite having had control of the Governor’s office and Legislature for the last three budgets, Republican members expressed regret about the disrepair of Wisconsin’s roads and bridges, as well as the rapid increase in debt issuance due to their failure to act on a sustainable transportation funding solution for the last 5+ years.
Smoke and Mirrors Hide Aftermath of GOP Budget Governor Scott Walker’s budget office released their Agency Budget Requests and Revenue Estimates, a report issued every two years after elections to help the incoming legislature plan the state’s budget. The report outlines gaps or surpluses by contrasting the upcoming expenses expected by state agencies to the amount of money the state expects to take in during the budget.
Rep. Hintz Statement on Redistricting Ruling in response to a federal judge panel that ruled redistricting maps drawn in secret by Republicans an “unconstitutional political gerrymander”, Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement.
GOP Budget Meltdown The Republican's inability to govern becomes apparent after weeks of stalemate.
Leave Long-Term Care Alone By saving the long term care system in Wisconsin, we must leave it alone.
Medicaid Expansion Statement The $360 million elephant in the room gets a NO vote from Republicans.
Fully Funding Public Education Restoring the $150 per pupil cut only brings us back to zero. We should be investing in education, zero is not good enough.
JFC Rice Lake Public Hearing Outcry dominates conversation on changes to Long-term care
JFC Brillion Budget Public Hearing Questions and concerns dominate the first public hearing.
Right To Work The extraordinary session on 'Right to Work' is an extraordinarily obvious attempt to change the subject - away from this terrible budget.
Keep Rent-to-Own Out of the State Budget Rep. Hintz sent a letter to Governor Walker Friday asking that he not include non-fiscal policy changes on behalf of the “Rent-to-Own” industry in his proposed state budget.
Rep. Hintz JFC Appointment Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca formally appointed Rep. Gordon Hintz to the Legislature’s powerful Joint Committee on Finance (JFC).