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Summer Intern 

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I would like to thank my intern, Jon Hansen, for all the great work he has done for my office this summer. 

He is an Oshkosh native and son of Peter and Michelle Hansen. Jon is entering his third year at UW-Madison. 

I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Thanks Jon! 

If you know of a college student who would be interested in interning in my office in Madison, please have them contact my office by phone at 608-267-7990 or by email at

Increasing Dental Care Access in Wisconsin

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Currently, over 1.5 million Wisconsinites lack access to basic dental care. This is due in large part to a dentist shortage in rural communities. What's being done to solve this problem? 

Senator David Craig and Representative Mary Felzkowski have authored a bill that allows for the licensure of dental therapists. 

State law currently allows for the licensing of dentists and dental hygienists only. The new mid-level practitioner would have to pass programs that meet rigorous national accreditation standards but would be less costly and time-consuming than dental school. Dental therapists, once licensed, could provide routine care such as cleanings, filling cavities, and pulling teeth.  

The benefits of such a program would be immense. It would improve basic dental care, dentists could focus on specialized needs, emergency room visits would decline, and the overall costs of poor dental health could be alleviated. All in all, it's a great first step. I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this bi-partisan solution to dental care access. 

If you would like to watch Wednesday's public hearing on the bill, click here. 

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The Speaker's Task Forces

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The Assembly Speaker's Task Forces are in full swing, holding meetings and receiving public feedback in an effort to find solutions to some of the state's most pressing issues.

The Task Force on Adoption, chaired by Representative Barb Dittrich, seeks to reduce any unnecessary hurdles that adoptive families encounter during the adoption process. 

The Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality, chaired by Representative Todd Novak, is investigating ways to protect our water supply from contaminants. 

The Task Force on Suicide Prevention, chaired by Representative Joan Ballweg, has traveled around the state listening to experts, survivors, advocates, and loved ones in order to better understand the current strengths and weaknesses of our mental health resources. I am a member of this task force.  

These task forces will conclude this fall and begin making policy recommendations for legislative solutions. 

Manufactured Marvels of Wisconsin

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Are you aware of a really cool product made in Wisconsin, or have you invented one yourself? The Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin contest is returning and looking for nominations!  

“This contest has quickly become one of the best ways to highlight the state’s vibrant and diverse manufacturing industry,” said WMC President & CEO Kurt R. Bauer. “As we approach Manufacturing Month in October, we hope this contest will bring attention to not only the cool things made in this state but the outstanding career opportunities available in Wisconsin’s largest economic industry.”

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, you have until the end of August to do so. Once the nomination period has concluded, there will be a popular vote to determine the top 16 products. These 16 will face off in head to head matchups until a champion Wisconsin product is crowned the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.

Seeking Nomination for First Responder of the Year


Do you know a friend or family member who deserves recognition for their service to the 53rd Assembly District? I am currently seeking nominations for the First Responder of the Year Award. 

This person could be a police officer or sheriff's deputy, a firefighter, or any level of EMS provider (paramedic, EMT, first responder), and can be either paid or volunteer. 

You can nominate a deserving person for a variety of reasons including:

  • A specific heroic action;
  • A significant professional achievement;
  • Something special they do for the community during the course of their work;
  • His or her body of work over time; and/or
  • His or her length of service.

A winner from our assembly district will be selected in September, and he or she will be invited to the Wisconsin State Capitol to receive a Hometown Hero recognition in front of the entire Assembly this October. 

To have your local hero be eligible, please submit your nomination form no later than Friday, September 6, 2019.


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