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WI Supreme Court Lawsuit Oral Arguments

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On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard the oral arguments from both sides congruent to the lawsuit filed by the legislature against DHS Secretary Andrea Palm. You can watch the video on Wisconsin Eye here. A decision is likely to be made by the court in the coming days.

COVID-19 Business Interviews

Since the Safer at Home order was enacted, it is evident that many small businesses and farms have been stricken with the inability to maintain their financial well-being. I have had the opportunity to interview a handful of people who are farmers, business owners, principals, and pastors and ask how the Governor's lockdown orders have affected them and their customers, workers, students, or congregation. For this E-Update, I share with you two interviews: Allen Abel of Abel Farms, LLC and Nathan Haupt of "Schreiner's" (one of FdL's most famous restaurants). I encourage you to watch and share them if you can!

State Revenue Down

Earlier this week, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) released new revenue numbers for the State of Wisconsin. According to their report on general fund tax collections, Wisconsin took in more than $1.1 billion in tax collections last month, which is roughly $870 million less than it had collected in April 2019. For the first ten months of the fiscal year, LFB estimates tax collections are $313 million less than the same period for 2018-19. The reduction in April 2020 collections reflects two things: the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the state's economy and tax collections and the extension of income and franchise tax filing deadlines from April to July 15 in 2020 has also affected collections.

These revenue calculations are just a small fraction of the negative economic situation the state has faced and will continue to experience in the near future. Fond du Lac County will not be immune to the negative impacts of this shutdown. The county will also eventually feel the impact of decreased revenue, especially heading into the next state budget in 2021.

State and Local COVID-19 Stat Tracking

Although I have shared this link previously, I do believe the Wisconsin Hospital Association's COVID Update Dashboard is the best place to get statistics about the current virus situation in the state.

Locally, the FdL County Health Department has their own dashboard, as well. Summarizing current numbers, the county has a population of around 103,000. Two (0.0019%) individuals are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Three deaths have occurred (0.0029%). There have been 86 people diagnosed (0.083%) and 68 of those have been declared recovered. There have been 1752 tests performed (presumably on those exhibiting symptoms) with 1,666 negatives (95.1%). It is my belief that we need to begin reopening our county immediately.

Upcoming Holidays

  • Friday, May 8 – Free Trade Day
  • Saturday, May 9 – Native American Day
  • Sunday, May 10 – Mother's Day
  • Monday, May 11 – Hostess Cupcake Day
  • Tuesday, May 12 – Limerick Day
  • Wednesday, May 13 – Top Gun Day
  • Thursday, May 14 – "The Stars and Stripes Forever" Day

For more fun and out-there holidays, visit, a website created by a former Fond du Lac resident!

Today in History - May 8th
  • 1521 – The Parliament of Worms installed an edict against Martin Luther (time of the Protestant Reformation).
  • 1835 – 1st installment of Hans Christian Andersen "Fairy Tales" was published by C. A. Reitzel in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1899 – Ernest Rutherford published his discovery of two different kinds of radiation (Alpha and Beta Particles).
  • 1945 – German General Wilhelm Keitel formally surrendered to the Allies represented by the United States, the UK, France, and the Soviet Union in Berlin.
  • 2008 – Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian President, appointed Vladimir Putin as Russian Prime Minister.