June 14, 2019

 What's Inside:

- Flag Day

- Water Quality Task Force

- DNR Updates

- Budget Update

- Fun in the Fiftieth


100 years ago, Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote!


Flag Day


Today, June 14th, is recognized as "Flag Day." Did you know that the idea for the flag's birthday originated here in Wisconsin? Click on the picture to read more about it. 

Water Quality Task Force
Water Quality Task Force large.png


Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

The committee held a public hearing on Wednesday at Mauston High School. I was very thankful to see a great showing of people from our district at the meeting. I am also thankful to Principal Jim Dillin for allowing us to use the auditorium facility at the high school.  

The committee also held a public hearing on Thursday in LaCrosse. 

At the time of writing this update, not all of the reference materials were available online. They should become available soon, but you can always find copies of the reference materials from any of the hearing we've had on our Water Quality Task Force Website


Budget Update

baby boy!.pngClick the photo above to access an interactive map that shows the estimated increase in funding for each school district in the state.

Fun in the Fiftieth

This weekend is the Reedsburg Butterfest!

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Reedsburg Butterfest June.png

The Elroy Fair is drawing near!

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Elroy Fair 590.png



This Saturday morning, come check out the Vernon County Dairy Breakfast for Dairy Breakfast 4 out of 5 for our District!

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