June 7, 2019

 What's Inside:

- Budget Survey

- Budget Update

- Hemp Week

- Citation Presentation

- District Day Feature


Honoring the 75th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2019


Budget Survey


LAST CHANCE! If haven't done so already, please take a moment to fill it out and let me know what you believe should be the top priorities for our district! My office will be working on analyzing the data soon!

Budget Update

  • Increased funding for Personal Care Workers by $37 million 
  • Increased funding for Direct Caregivers in Family Care by $27 million
  • Increased funding for Nursing Homes by $30 million
  • Increased Children and Family Aids by $30.5 million
  • Provided more funding for treatment and diversion (TAD) programs across the state
  • Increased funding for broadband by $44 million which quadruples the amount approved in the previous budget.
  • Provided $397 million in additional revenues for transportation excluding a one-time $90 million General Fund transfer.  This is a total $487 million in additional revenue for transportation in the 2019-21 biennium.  This is the largest increase in new revenue in over a generation!
  • 19% increase in state highway rehabilitation raising the funding to the largest amount ever and maintains our road conditions
  • Authorizes the lowest level of bonding since the 2001-03 budget
  • 10% increase in general transportation aids that matches the Governor. The $90 million in one-time GPR would triple what we currently spend on the Local Road Improvement Program.  These local road increases build on massive local increases in the last budget that were the largest since 1998


Hemp Week

I recently introduced Assembly Bill 206, which is also Senate Bill 188, that I co-authored with Senator Patrick Testin, Rep. Dave Considine and Senator Lena Taylor regarding industrial hemp growth here in Wisconsin.  This bill is a higher level bill that makes the hemp pilot program a permanent program in Wisconsin. Hemp is a (non-psychoactive) variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. Hemp can be used in many different ways like paper, textiles, clothing, food, bio-degradable plastics, paint, insulation, bio-fuel, animal feed and more!

This week, Wisconsin celebrated hemp history week! I hosted an event at my farm on Tuesday to showcase my hemp fields, which unfortunately got rained out, with State Treasurer Sarah GodlewskiWe discussed the Growing Opportunities Act and hemp's past and future in Wisconsin.

I also met with Governor Tony Evers on Thursday afternoon and we discussed hemp. 

Citation Presentation

This Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting a citation recognizing Olsen Middle School as a runner up for  the Spirit of Excellence Award.  These students are doing great work for not only their school, but also their community. Keep up the great work kids!

District Day Feature

On Wednesday this week, I went to visit the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad where I got the chance to tour the Sharratt Warehouse and Distribution Facility. I had lunch with the Reedsburg Rotary Club and presented a citation to the Reedsburg Citizens of the Year, Don & Barbara Carrig, and was fortunate enough to even get a personal, behind the scenes tour at the hospital. 

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