June 21, 2019

 What's Inside:

- Homelessness Package of Bills

- Suicide Prevention Task Force

- Pharmacy Bill

Fun in the Fiftieth



I was in Madison on the State Assembly Floor, but I hope you were able to get out and celebrate National Go Fishing Day on Thursday!

Homelessness Package of Bills


Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Assembly voted to support “A Hand for the Homeless” legislative package this afternoon. The package consists of eight bills aimed at ending and preventing homelessness in Wisconsin. The set of bills follow last session’s first steps towards curbing homelessness, including the creation of the Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH). These next steps directly mirror the recommendations made in the ICH’s statewide action plan, A Hand and a Home: Foundations for Success.

The “A Hand for the Homeless” package includes new programming and $3.75 million in new spending – a number that more than doubles the state’s current commitment to address the issue. The funding includes an additional $500,000 for the Homeless Prevention Program, $900,000 for the Housing Assistance Program, and $250,000 to the Skills Enhancement Program – meant to work in tandem to attack homelessness from every angle.

Rep. Kurtz authored AB 144, relating to the skills enhancement program. The skills enhancement program is designed to help low-income individuals receive job training and technical skills. This bill is a direct policy adoption of strategy 3.4 presented by the Interagency Council on Homelessness. The community action groups aiding individuals in and around the 50th Assembly District are very supportive of this program because of the large need that our community presents. Click here to listen to Rep. Kurtz discussing AB 144.

The funding for the “A Hand for the Homeless” package was approved by the Joint Committee on Finance in the state’s budget. All eight bills passed out of the Assembly with bipartisan support, and now head to the state Senate for their consideration.

You can find more information on the “A Hand for the Homeless” bills here.

Suicide Prevention Task Force


Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

The committee held a public hearing on Monday at Ripon College. This meeting of the task force featured a viewing of the documentary, Kids In Crisis: You Are Not Alone.

You can find materials we've collected from our hearings around the state on the Task Force's website

If you or someone you know is struggling, call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1.800.273.8255 or text "HOPELINE" to 741741.


AB 137

You can watch the clip of my bill which would allow for increased access to immunizations be passed by the Assembly, here

AB 137 would help to increase access to and affordability of immunizations for individuals.

Currently, in Wisconsin a pharmacist, or pharmacy student, can provide immunizations to individuals six years old and older. This bill eliminates the age restriction but calls for additional training for a pharmacist or pharmacy student to receive in order to administer the immunization to children under age six. The bill also requires there be a valid prescription for the immunization in order for the pharmacist to give it. And, finally, the bill calls for the pharmacist to update the patient’s record on the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.

“This bill is important because it gives people, especially people in a rural area like the 50th Assembly District, another way to obtain their immunizations,” said Rep. Kurtz.

AB 137 received bipartisan support and passed out of the Assembly Committee on Health unanimously. Today, it also passed the entire Wisconsin State Assembly unanimously. The next step is for it to receive a vote before the entire Wisconsin State Senate before heading to the Governor for signature.

 Fun in the Fiftieth

Saturday, June 22nd

VFW Riders Group ride to pick up raffle funds

US Fish and Wildlife Presentation

Richland Hospital Foundation’s Taste of the Hills

Rock around the Block Fun Day

Young Eagle Day

City Wide Garage Sales and Discover Necedah Days

Lone Rock School Country Picnic


Sunday, June 23rd

Open Table Community Meal @ St. John

City Wide Garage Sales and Discover Necedah Days


Monday, June 24th

Monday Movie at the Library


Tuesday, June 25th

Family Fun Night at the Reedsburg Library

New Lisbon Community Supper


Wednesday, June 26th

Reedsburg Ambulance Fundraising Event

Reedsburg Concert in the Park


Thursday, June 27th

Elroy Fair

Necedah 100 – Art Show

Necedah 100 – Multiple Events


Friday, June 28th

RAMC Farmer’s Market

Elroy Fair

Necedah 100 – Art Show

Necedah 100 – Multiple Events

Brat Bash n Dash


Saturday, June 29th

Mauston Farmer’s Market

Elroy Fair

Necedah 100 – Fly in

Necedah 100 – Car Show

Necedah 100 – Art Show

Necedah 100 – Multiple Events

Shakespeare in the Park

Thunder in the Hills

Richland Center Thunderfest


Sunday, June 30th

Elroy Fair

Juneau County Dairy Breakfast

Necedah 100 – Multiple Events

Juneau County Historical Society Pie & Ice Cream Social

Open House at Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter